lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

New Article of Zensations in Wellness Industry: Bublinky, magazine of USSPA, World top quality spa designers and manufacturers from Czech Republic


Shapes, textures and natural structures that bring balance and inspiration, calming and restoring sounds, invigorating or relaxing colors and scents, benefitial and therapeutic environments…Nature offers us that much and more beyond.

Multiawarded master photographer, artist, researcher and therapist Albert Cuevas (Barcelona, 1953) has been founding inspiration in Nature for over 50 years now, working, researching and discovering  through photography, radiesthesics and harmonic chants to enrich a large work and extensive portfolio that since last year started to acquire a new, even most impressive and higher potential, with Zensations, the project that he cofounded together with younger environmental scientist and also radiethesist Sergi Nogués (Barcelona, 1974).

Nature’s observation, scientific research and development, radiesthesic work to detect, tune in and sometimes even generate the more benefitial restorative frequencies, creativity and excellence in design, and finally verification of the restorative and welfare properties on people of Zensations work and products are the follow up step by step used methodology.

Partnering together with USSPA excel products, like the awarded Solitaire, is when all potential of Zensations work can be expressed and revealed at its best, and the outcome more fabulous and outstanding, because the final goal is to create and design restorative sensorial atmospheres in a myriad of spaces: from private rooms in the residential and private sector, to swimming pools and wet areas of hotels, spas, clinics, therapeutic, fitness and wellness centers.

So, what are the elements that encompasses Zensations world?

First we have the Arboreums©, attractive visual and sensorial creations, for some people even synaesthesic, inspired on symbolic tree shapes and fascinating  mineral and organic textures. Just the magic of the Arboreums speak by itself and go further beyond a positive rewarding visual experience.

Second the restorative Zensations overtone sounds©, fundamented in the harmonic chants and the base frequencies of Fibonacci famous sequence.

And finally the Zensations Sensorial Rooms with the Zensations Blissful Sensory Experience© where the Arboreums, the overtone harmonic chants, chromotherapy and aromatherapy combine together to deliver an innovative and unique restorative experience in a multiple diversity of applications, environments and atmospheres.

Totally new to the spa and wellness world, the lively and dynamic couple are revolutioning the industry with their innovative, astounding, refreshing and functional designs, creating and empowering new concepts like the “evolutive sensorial wellness” or the “spah” (spa holos) ones, where the world of restorative frequencies from environment and others designed (sounds, Arboreums) add much more richness and functional possibilities  to the traditional spa or wellness experience.

This is the deep and upfront message. A needing for reconnecting to Nature and its benefitial properties, rebuild the bridges between human being and Nature, revive and naturalize artificial built spaces, where we transit or experience sporadically (like a spa) or spend more hours (our home, work places,…).

Recently they have been invited to talk about these innovative concepts and present them in premier worldwide launch in the 3rd World Spa Well-being International Congress on Standards, Education and Innovation in Bangkok, Thailand (september 2014), where they were commissioned also for the organization of the Congress to design the entrance of the Seminar Conference Room, with acclaimed and enthusiastic accolades from attendees, press and public in general.