viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013


*Translation of the publication in the Regional Press, 15/5/2013

A few days ago,  innovative project “Zensations Arboreum” was awarded with the First Prize in the International Exhibition Barcelona Showcase.  This project  is about the relationship between Human Beings and Nature and how the trees support the Human Beings. The functionality of this art is to play and resemble the natural healing and uplifting effect of the trees. A diversity of original masterpieces that embrace and bond the Oriental Zen style with fractals.
 The connection of Art and Nature is the central focus of Zen-sations Arboreum, a new project which combines a photographic base and then invites the observer to interact with the art piece. The project is about the intimate connection we Humans have with Nature, more specifically with trees.
Many trees lose their leaves in the Fall to renovate their energies, prepare for the Winter and next Spring flourish with the power to generously spread and share its new energy.
Albert Cuevas and Sergi Nogues translate this natural process and energy into art masterpieces that can be displayed  in a great wide of spaces and environments, from an art exhibition to the living room of your household.
How do they do this? They photograph the trees in Nature and through digital composition, adding textures, and sometimes even with the customers input, to create a unique and original masterpiece of natural beauty and measurable energetic properties. This means that the frequencies of the trees and textures in Nature are translated to the art.
The outcome embraces and bonds aspects of Oriental culture and the fractal art, where the organic shapes organize themselves to create unique harmonious structures.
A very important part of the project are the live presentations that Albert and Sergi carry on within Spain and overseas (recently visiting Hawaii, California, Nevada and Arizona), with active engagement and participation of the people, so they can feel and experience this energy for themselves.
All inks used in the process are high quality, environmentally friendly and vegetable based.
Designers and Architects use the multiple and infinite possibilities of the project to uplift and create relaxed atmospheres and environments in Spas, Sport Clubs and Offices between many others. “The explanation is very simple: in the constant day to day stresses and challenges of life, we want/need to feel connected to Nature”, says Albert.